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About Bulgaria

About Bulgaria

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Republic of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated in southeastern Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and has an outlet on the Black Sea. The country is a democratic  parliamentary republic. Bulgaria is famous for its 1300 years of history and with its unique beautiful nature. As from 01.01.2007, Republic of Bulgaria is a full member of the European Union. The country was introduced to  the Currency Board and is expected in 2010 to make a transition to the Euro – the official European currency.



Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is extremely beautiful and has everything necessary to satisfy even the most refined preferences for a pleasant, unforgettable and unique holiday – mild climate, wonderful warm sea,  enticing beaches, lots of sun and a soft sea breeze. All of this is combined with green parks, woods and gardens, healing mineral springs, picturesque rocky shores and romantic sunsets and lagoons.

files/upload/Bulgaria/Relax1.jpgThe Bulgarian sea resorts offer holidays at reasonable prices as an alternative of the more expensive European resorts and the quality of the services meets the Western European standards. The water temperature during summer reaches   28 C/ 82 F.




Way of life

If you need calmness and an interesting life of full value, Bulgaria is the perfect place for you. The country is famous for its people's hospitality and its unique and beautiful nature. It is a cradle of ancient civilizations, a natural crossroad between the East and the West, which has a rich cultural and historical heritage. In Bulgaria there a lot of architectural monuments and sights under the protection of UNESCO. The crafts are developed, the local folklore is famous all around the world, feasts and festivals are organized. Bulgarian kitchen is given preference for its delicious dishes in many places around the world.


Investment in real estates

The Bulgarian real estates market is one of the most dynamically developed markets in Europe. 1/3 of the Buyers and the investors are foreign citizens. Most of them prefer the newly built luxurious complexes.   During the last years, about 1 300 million Euro were invested in the Bulgarian real estates market.  Characteristic are the high quality construction, the  provided year-round security and the complex maintenance. The investors are also attracted by the 10% corporate tax profit -  one of the lowest in Europe. With many of the countries, Bulgaria has signed agreements for avoidance of double taxation.



There are two big operating airports on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast – in the town of Varna to the north and in the town of Burgas to the south, which are at a small distance even from its most remote points.  The capital of Bulgaria, which is an administrative centre, is 500 km to the western part of Bulgaria. The roads in the country are mended often. Forthcoming is the completion of two highways, which will connect the capital with the two big towns on the Black Sea Coast. Bulgaria will receive lots of financial means from the European Union's Funds  for building different infrastructure projects.



Along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast you can visit small towns, famous for their architecture and tranquility or bigger towns, in which you can shop and get familiar with Bulgarian culture; also big modern sea resorts, in which you can have fun twenty-four hours, practice different sports and use SPA and WELLNESS procedures. Along it there are also built several golf courses, yacht harbours, shopping centres and festival villages. Bulgaria is also a preferred ski destination with its beautiful mountain resorts, which are not more than 400 km from the sea.




In every bigger village and every town there are medical institutions, local fire brigade and police units, branches of the bigger Bulgarian banks and exchange offices. The Bulgarian Lev is fixed with a solid rate to the Euro  1.955 BG LEVA = 1 EUR.

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